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Product code: OF0415

Ravine Dining table


Experience the epitome of dining luxury with the Ravine Dining Table. Crafted to transform any dining area into a refined and elegant space, this table highlights exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. It starts with a sumptuously round marble top, each vein and swirl unique, telling its own story of opulence and charm. Beneath this luxurious surface, a gold-finished base captures and reflects light with every angle, injecting a glamorous flair into your home decor.

– The marble top of the Ravine Dining Table ensures durability and resistance to heat, while also standing out as a centerpiece of visual pleasure.
– The gold-finished base not only provides stability but also adds a rich contrast to the cool tones of the marble, resulting in a harmonic balance of colors and textures.
– This table comfortably seats multiple guests, making it a perfect choice for gatherings, from casual brunches to more formal dinners.
– Easy to maintain, the surfaces require just a simple wipe down with a damp cloth to retain their sheen and luster.

This exquisite dining table is best suited for those who prize sophistication alongside functionality in their furniture choices. Whether complementing a contemporary setting or elevating a traditional room, the Ravine Dining Table promises to be a timeless addition to your home.

Size150 x 75 cm
MaterialMarble, Stainless Steel, Gold Finish
Model No.OF0415