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Product code: OF0788

White Oak Bedroom Set


The White Oak Bedroom Set stands as a paragon of exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious functionality. It is tailored to the discerning individuals who appreciate both aesthetics and utility in their living spaces. Fabricated from robust 15mm MDF board and supported by a strong INOX frame, this bedroom set boasts of a rich acrylic glossy finish that enhances its sophisticated façade.

Strategically designed with elements of convenience and elegance, the set includes a multitude of stellar features:
– The Wardrobe: A spacious 6-door design incorporates mirrors and is built with soft-close hinges that contribute to a serene environment, free from the jarring sounds of slamming doors.
– The Dressing Table: Sleek and modern, it provides a peaceful set-up for morning routines, coupled with integrated soft tone lighting that offers just the right amount of luminosity for both day and night.
– Bed Side Tables: Two, gracefully designed tables complement the symmetry and style of the bed, enriching the room’s charm.
– Storage Bed: Practicality meets plush luxury; the storage bed significantly aids in space management while providing a chic focal point to the bedroom.

This exclusive set not only mirrors a reflection of opulent living but also provides a reliable functionality with its durable materials and thoughtful design. As a blend of tradition and modern sophistication, the White Oak Bedroom Set transforms any bedroom into a serene retreat filled with grandeur and comfort.

1 Bed 180 x 200 x 145 cm
1 Chest 70 x 40 x 110 cm
1 Bench 180 x 40 x 40 cm
2 Bed Side Table 60 x 40 x 50 cm
1 Dressing Table 150 x 48 x 180 cm
1 Six Door Wardrobe 240 x 60 x 230 cm