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Product code: OF0789

Nebu Deities Bedroom Set


Experience the epitome of refined luxury with the Nebu Deities Bedroom Set, a harmonious blend of expert craftsmanship and high-end design. This bedroom collection perfectly balances functionality with aesthetics, transforming any space into a sophisticated retreat. Made with exceptional attention to detail, the set features materials of the highest quality, including 15mm MDF board known for its durability and strength. The Stainless Steel accents add a contemporary edge, while the Acrylic Glossy finish gives the pieces a smooth, lustrous appearance that enhances the overall lavish ambiance of the bedroom.

Each piece in the Nebu Deities Bedroom Set is designed with your comfort and lifestyle in mind:

– The bed is not just a centerpiece but also a practical solution, equipped with soft-close hinges that ensure quiet operation and a storage-functional structure for optimizing bedroom space.
– Illuminate your evenings with the soft tone lighting feature, creating a calm, inviting atmosphere conducive to relaxation.
– The extensive 6-door wardrobe, complete with fitted mirrors, offers ample storage while contributing to the room’s grandeur, making your organizational routine both stylish and efficient.
– Complementing the ensemble is a sleek, modern dressing table and a pair of bedside tables, all of which echo the luxurious theme with their clean lines and glossy finish.

Upgrade your sleeping quarters with the Nebu Deities Bedroom Set, where luxury meets practicality in a design that’s meant to impress and comfort.

1 Bed200 x 200 x 160 cm
1 Mirror 50 x 40 x 180 cm
1 Chest 70 x 40 x 110 cm
1 Bench 200 x 40 x 40 cm
2 Night Stands60 x 40 x 50 cm
1 Dressing Table 160 x 48 x 190 cm
1 Eight Door Wardrobe 320 x 60 x 230 cm