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Product code: OF0791

Vellfire Bedroom Set


Discover the epitome of luxury and contemporary design with the Vellfire Bedroom Set, meticulously designed to transform your bedroom into a haven of elegance. This comprehensive set includes a storage bed, a six-door mirrored wardrobe, a sophisticated dressing table, and two sleek bedside tables, all coordinated to create a harmonious look.

Crafted using premium 15mm MDF board known for its durability and strength, each piece in this set exhibits an impeccable acrylic glossy finish that enhances its sophisticated appearance. The heavy-duty INOX frame provides a solid foundation that promises longevity and sturdiness.

The bed features practical storage solutions, allowing for a clutter-free environment, while the soft-close hinges on the furniture ensure a smooth, quiet operation, adding to the set’s luxurious feel. Each element reflects thoughtfulness in design, from the soft tone lighting that adds a warm, inviting glow to your space to the precisely placed mirrors on the grand wardrobe which amplify light and add depth to your bedroom.

The Vellfire Bedroom Set is not only striking in appearance but also offers superior functionality:
– Robust construction: 15mm MDF board paired with a heavy-duty INOX frame for enduring reliability.
– Glossy finish: A sleek acrylic coating adds a touch of refinement and modern flair.
– Soft-close mechanisms: Enjoy the smooth and quiet closing of doors and drawers.
– Integrated lighting: Subtle lighting provides a serene ambiance and enhances the overall aesthetic.
– Expansive storage: From the bed to the wardrobe, ample storage options are seamlessly integrated to keep your sanctuary tidy and organized.

1 Bed 180 x 200 x 140 cm
1 Six Door Wardrobe 240 x 60 x 230 cm
2 Bed Side Table60 x 40 x 50 cm
1 Dressing Table 150 x 48 x 180 cm